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Jada Davis

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Jada Davis is a Social Entrepreneur and Memphis native who now resides in the Washington, DC area. As a multi-faceted entrepreneur, Jada created JD Global Strategies LLC (JDGS) to drive new and aspiring business owners to go from ideation to execution.  When she’s not showing entrepreneurs how to create efficient automated businesses, she is known for her travel brand The Global Intent, as well as some of her previous brands such as Grind Match Apparel and a self-defense accessories brand MOCA Defense,  that was co-launched with her sister Camille Holmes.


While she has an affinity for media, marketing, and organizational strategy, Jada also specializes in content creation, eCommerce, talent management, and group travel. As the former producer and programming manager of the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show, Jada's keen ability to be resourceful and anticipate needs during adverse times has made her an asset in all of her professional relationships. Her experience working with on-air personalities, artists, comedians, managers, and PR agents nationwide, prepared her to offer her own talent management services in 2016. As a writer, content creator, and certified human resource professional, Jada has been able to help others find their dream jobs and identify best practices for monetizing their God-given talents.


As the child of full-time entrepreneurs, her love of travel started as a child while exploring the world attending expos, conferences, and global forums. From these experiences, “Jada-of-All-Trades”, has stayed grounded in her faith and focuses on opportunities that mirror her own personal values. As an advocate of multiple streams of income, her mission and motto is, Shut Up Keep Grinding®- a phrase she has since trademarked. Jada’s love of writing, managing, and serving began over 15 years ago, and today she continues to use her gift to speak to the lives of others and continuously connect with like-minded individuals. In 2020, Jada also released an organization workbook, Get Your Shift In Order - the transformative guide to preparing your personal affairs. In her newest professional development book, Don’t Let Your Mouth Get You In Trouble, Jada gives examples, call-to-actions, resources, and tools so that you can overcome self-doubt and stop making excuses. This book is designed for the thinkers who want to be doers but don’t know how to get out of their own way and execute. 


While wearing many hats - Jada challenges her peers daily to find the passion within their purpose and monetize their gifts. Jada believes in doing what makes you happy and focuses her priorities on one clear theme, "in all things keep Livin' For a Living." Her latest book, Don’t Let Your Mouth Get You In Trouble, inspires you to feel confident in your ability to handle challenges while making sure you are not the source of the roadblock.

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